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  1. Hello, I've been using Enpass for a while and I'm coming to you for some information / greed. The device check on the same account will be / is available? Because I'm worried if a loved one took my security code, I would have changed my code on my side, the thief will not do anything.
  2. Hello, first of all i am french and i have trouble with english but i will do my best and also with googletrad. I do not understand 2 thing with the Enpass Open Source password management program. I made a request (ticket ID is 86755) still unanswered. Or I said that on Galaxy s8 the paper press was not suppressed but a second virgin was created. I have a password on my deskop but my android keeps the old one? Enpass does not change the password of Enpass android masters. So if someone happens to have open the application he will always have access to info? Even if I change the password on the deskop for example? Thank you in advance for your contribution ps: some glossary idea
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