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  1. I did not install the Windows Store version of the application. Everything was downloaded from enpass.io. However, when I tried to use the extension this morning on the machine that has been giving me issues, I received a new error and a prompt to install the "Native Messaging for Enpass" package. After installing this software I am able to use the extension in Firefox as expected. I consider this issue resolved.
  2. No, I don't believe so. I downloaded this extension from the Enpass.IO site after clicking the "Install Browser Extension" button in the settings page.
  3. Was able to log into the machine directly this morning (i.e. not through Remote Desktop). The same problem occurs so it does not look like this has anything to do with logging in remotely.
  4. I use Enpass on multiple machines. For the most part it works fine, but I am having an issue on one machine. FireFox is my browser of choice. On one machine the extension will not connect--I get the "Enpass Connection Error" page. The Chrome extension on the same machine works fine. On all other machines where I am using FireFox and the Enpass extension the extension works fine. The only difference with this machine is that I log into it via Remote Desktop. Otherwise it is a very vanilla Windows 10 box. FF 57.0.2, Enpass 5.6.2 and Enpass Extension Any ideas?
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