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  1. Ok, here's the infos (attached files) :)
  2. Hi @Enpass team I'm facing kind of a problem.... Enpass 5.6.8 get removed by Antivirus (Avast Free) and get positive on virustotal..... Or also https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/7d7fc9aa37bc37765d2ed7dcd75c9787d74317941a59aca84ddbcd2126492b4d/analysis/
  3. Lince

    Firefox Android

    @Akash Vyas Hi ! I would also prefer the solution of an extension. I'm already using a multi-language keyboard (fr/en/cn) and it would be a hassle to have to alternate between 2 keyboards. @Anshu kumar Said there would be a search about an alternative method in 2016 but there is currently still nothing supporting Firefox Android Except Keyboard. Would the Dev/Adaptation of one more Extension cost this much efforts (You have already five to maintain) ? Sources: https://www.enpass.io/enpass-browser-extension/ Bye !
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