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  1. Been using enpass for a while on windows 10, chrome, firefox, and android, trying to decide whether to leave lastpass. lost my laptop, just bought a chromebook (pixel). I have no problem installing the enpass app and the extension, but i keep getting this message: "Enpass Connection Error Please start Enpass desktop app and make sure you have checked "Enable Browser Extension" in Enpass Preferences, before using Enpass Browser Extension." I believe I have selected the extension in the app but i still get that same message. Help!
  2. Agree. I'm testing Enpass having been a longtime LassPass user. I imported over 704 entries from Lastpass, spent hours creating the same folder structure I have in Lastpass, and find there is no easy way to see which of the imported entries I missed in not assigning to a folder.
  3. New user. Windows 10. So I have created multiple folders, with sub-folders. More often than not, however, I canNOT get the folders to expand to show the sub-folders. And yes, I click on the arrow next to the folder, and yes, I DO have sub-folders. It just does nothing. Extremely frustrating.
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