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  1. Hi Anshu, I just want to give an update: the "Fail sync" problem that appears now with the Beta version does not occur often, and it eventually goes away even without restarting Enpass. So it hardly disturbs me. Thank you again for your help, Joe
  2. Hi Anshu, Thank you for your quick reply. I installed the beta version yesterday, and this morning the problem was different. Instead of the "sync forever" problem, I know have a "Fail sync" problem (with double red arrows, similarly to bastischubert). The error message is only "There went something wrong while synchronising. (Error code: -119)". As before, restarting Enpass fixed the problem (for today). (Also similarly to bastischubert, I have no problem synchronizing with my android app.)
  3. Hello, I have the same problem in my mac (v. 5.2.1 (47)). Every day I wake up my laptop from sleep in my office, and after logging in the sync process keeps trying to perform the synchronisation without never succeeding. After restarting Enpass this problem goes away (until the next day). I do not see any unusual CPU usage.
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