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  1. I still can't Autofill 3 fields. I now have enpass 6.0.2 after having reinstalled enpass + the latest Firefox add-on. I cleared the existing item both in Enpass and in the firefox logins and started from scratch. the 3 fields were captured correctly by Enpass but Autofilling doesn't work. Autosubmit Login is on and i didn't allow firefox to save the login to this site
  2. +1 I also tried all different combinations of field types for 3 fields the three as defined by the network are a textual username password (both of these work) , and a numeric ID (which does't, no matter how i define that field). what happens is that the username is filled, but instead of the ID (i also tried rearranging their order inside Enpass) i also deleted the saved login in firefox before all of these tests
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