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  1. On 2018/4/9 at 8:45 PM, Akash Vyas said:

    Hey @Anthony

    Sorry to hear about the mess you're going through.

    We did get a few messages for the same crash issue that you've are having. We're trying to reproduce this issue, but with no luck yet. It will be really very helpful for us if you can share any exact flow that leads to this crash more often so that we can follow that with defined settings.

    Thanks for your co-operation.  


    Hello @Akash Vyas 

    Here is my story. I got some Chrome extensions and one of them will open a specific website and login automatically to check-in. Somehow this action triggered the Enpass then caused the crash every time.  

    This is the link of the extension, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/京价保-京东价保助手/gfgkebiommjpiaomalcbfefimhhanlfd

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