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  1. I can confirm that the issues seem to be fixed in the beta version.
  2. I already tried 6.3.3 and the issue still is the same.
  3. Hi @Kashish, thanks for the update! Cheers
  4. Still nothing? I chose Enpass for the support of Linux. However, I wonder whether there actually is support for Linux...
  5. Have you tried 6.1.0? See also
  6. Any updates on this? @Kashish Although others already answered this: 600+ items, sync via WebDAV, no change of location. All other platforms are on 6.3.x already, I wonder why Linux still is on 6.2.0... @Kashish How far may versions diverge and still sync properly? Thanks
  7. A reaction from the developers sure would have been nice.
  8. I'm using Enpass which is the latest version that works properly for me. Both and tend to lock up or take a very long amount of time (minutes) when searching and displaying an entry. The UI just locks up and it takes quite some time to come back. All issues are gone once I switched back to I'm running Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 on X11. Please advise
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