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  1. Hello, any news? Qt 5.6.2 has been released mid of October or are you waiting for 5.7.1? Regards, Thomas Kriener
  2. Hello, are there any news on this topic? Could you reproduce the problem using the URL I send Akur in a PM? Going back to 5.2.1 is not really an option, because there I have the problem that the sync is working only once. Regards, Thomas
  3. Hello, Safari is working fine. Regards, Thomas
  4. My Password has no Special char, but my username has dots and an at-char. It looks like an email-address.
  5. Hello, a demo-account could be difficult, because it is our productive company system. The Client-Environment is OS X 10.11.6 with Enpass 5.3.0 from the AppStore. The Server-Environment is Owncloud 9.0.4 and an official HTTPS-Certficate. A little bit unusual could be: - The Login-Name contains a "@"-Sign - The Server is normally behind a Proxy, configured via wpad-Mechanism. But I already tried without the proxy and had the same behaviour. With the last Version (5.2.2) I had only the known problem, that the synchronization did not finish after some time. Isn't there any way to activate a trace-file? Regards, Thomas Kriener
  6. Hello, I just updated to 5.3.0 and now the synchronization with Owncloud (Webdav) does not work any more. I already removed the old config and if I now try to establish the synchronization, I can fill the configuration dialog and press Connect. The the Buttons are grayed out and the Text "Connecting..." is displayed, but the dialog never closes. The only thing I can do is to close the dialog in the upper left corner using the red cross. I already restated the application and tried with and without our Proxy, but nothing changes. Any hints how I can analyze the problem further using some traces/debugs/logs... Regards, Thomas Kriener
  7. Hello, I mean the configuration of the synchronization. Attached yo find a german screenshot. As you can see at the marker, I can only disconnect, but not change the account-details, especially the password. If the password has been changed on the server (in my case Owncloud), I have to reconfigure the synchronization instead of just setting a new password. Enpass gives me an error saying Username and/or Password is wrong, but no direct possibility to change the values. Regards, Thomas Kriener
  8. Hello, it would be good to have a possibility to change the password for the synchronization from the configuration-dialog. At the moment the only workaround (I'm aware of) is to remove and recreate the synchronization, which is very annoying if you have to change the password regularly. Regards, Thomas
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