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  1. Never mind. There was a problem with the Play account, which as solved by adding funds with a Play gift card.
  2. I am trying to purchase Enpass on Android. Every time I have tried, I get "response code 1005" and a statement that the user cancelled. Obviously I am not cancelling. Did a web search and found comments about this error on Stack Overflow indicating it can happen because of incorrect publisher configuration. Anyway, what can I do to complete the purchase? I am migrating from Windows Phone to Android and I do not mind paying $9.99 at all, but it won't take my money!
  3. The integrated browser in the Andorid app prevents it from being used on a device where the user is not allowed to install additional browser apps. Would it be possible to add a version of Enpass to the Play store that excludes the integrated web browser?
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