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  1. Dude we have a private conversation about this since over a month now and I already received private builds.
  2. Yup same problem as reported by many users
  3. 2 1/2 weeks later and still no sign of activity. Sad
  4. I mean you’re not even trying to understand the environment in which this issue pops up. Could you replicate this issue internally?
  5. I was in contact with customer support and received a personal build of Enpass. Every single version had the same bug. Now I didn‘t even receive an answer anymore for 11 days, even though I offered to do a synchronous call with their devs. Even in the iOS app store random people have the same problem, meanwhile it feels like there is no pressure behind the analysis. This is a sign of bad software development and the mean time to repair is unacceptable high in this age of computer engineering. Get some knowledge about the client side‘s code execution so you can finally start an analysis instead of guessing about possible bugs!
  6. I am struggling with this issue now for months already. 2 weeks ago I really started the process of reinstalling which included setting up sync for 5 vaults on two devices. This fixed it fit for one week, but then it reappeared. Guys you really need to fix this ASAP. This is killing your product for the affected people. How can you not fix this with over 20 days from replicating the issue? Do you have a fix ready now?
  7. I am having the same problem on all systems. Really not that great.
  8. Hey, I am a long time Enpass user and just installed LineageOS on my phone and want to reduce the use of gApps on my system. Because of that I am now using microG with Yalp store to access the Play Store. After installing my most important apps I am now facing a big problem. Due to the fact that the pro version of the Enpass application is only buyable through in app purchasement I am not able to really use it, because it requires gApps. I have found a thread of another person with the same problem here, but you didn't seem to get his problem. The solution would be to do it like Nova launcher or other popular apps. Distribute two apps. One free and one pro. This is I cannot use your application anymore.
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