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  1. Hello Team, I am currently using iPad pro with latest IOS version. And I have installed enpass non-pro version as of now on iPad ( will but once I feel comfortable using). Some reason, 1. like on Android, I don`t see autofill option on IOS enpass app setting. 2. But for some apps it's working, some not working. . on Reddit app, I see a symbol next to the username , and when I click enable is getting enabled and able to fill the details. Which is good. b. on Facebook app, I don`t see that symbol coming next to it, so I am unable to do autofill. Note: I have gone through your website for any manual on this particular, couldn`t find. If I miss any, please point me there. Same on windows, if I am using a browser like chrome or firefox, with the addon, it is working good with no questions. Whereas an app installed from windows store on windows 10 OS ( desktop), App is Skype. I am not able to do autofill, so an option is not coming for me either. Thanks in advance.
  2. my 2 cents. Technically, you are asking Enpass team to access Dropbox's database. I am not talking on behalf of Enpass, but I am thinking logically. Try share option with the edit, maybe that works. Because with same option others can edit your data on Dropbox. Another option is Dropbox should think of this option and release APIs for it, so anyone including Enpass can use it.
  3. Hello Enpass Team, Two questions. 1. Do IOS and MacOS comes under the same platform from your perspective or MacOS comes under desktop which is free anyways? 2. do we need to consider that your team can start charging for desktop version in (near) future? But, Thank you for your idea of an offline manager. you guys did a good job on UI.
  4. I have Android 7X ( Nougat ) version . AutoFilli is not working and unable to paste the password ( as its a protection from the application side ) . Please someone guide , how i can use this feature.
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