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  1. @Anshu kumar, That's not even the same issue I reported here! That had to do with multiple Enpass folders in Google Drive on macOS. The issue I reported here was Android failing to sync at all with Google Drive. That's a completely different issue on a completely different operating system.
  2. I guess Enpass doesn't think this is an important issue. I've had to open a Dropbox account just to sync the single "sync_default.walletx" file, while everything else I have is in Google Drive.
  3. After purchasing Enpass on Android and having it sync properly with Google Drive, Enpass on Android can no longer sync with Google Drive. It gives me: "There went something wrong while synchronizing. Error Code :-116" I've tried disconnecting and then reconnecting but it makes no difference. Obviously I need it to sync on my phone or one of the major advantages of using Enpass for me is gone. There have been a few issues I've reported now that just get "I've filed a report and the dev team will look at it". This issue is severe so I'm hoping this gets the immediate attention it deserves.
  4. When I add a new item (say, a login), on completion I see that it has been added automatically to almost all of the folders I've created. It should actually be added to none of them. What folders an item belongs in is up to me, I would think. It's not a convenience to have to go through and remove the item from all of the incorrect folders. It wouldn't be as bad if there was a way I could edit the folders an item is in, but there isn't. I just added an item and then had to go through and remove it from ten folders. And it was added to my favourites as well. Please fix this. Edit: I just noticed that new items are even added to folders that no longer exist, so I have to recreate a folder just to remove an item that shouldn't have been added there in the first place. Another edit: Recreating the folder doesn't actually work. So the new item is forever in a non-existent folder.
  5. Thanks, Anshu. Good to know.
  6. Hi all, I just started using Enpass on my Mac and my Nexus 6. I sync using Google Drive. This all seems to work well. The only catch is that I end up with multiple Enpass folders in my Google Drive folder, and even multiple "sync_default.walletx" files in a single Enpass folder. As long as Enpass knows which is the latest file, I guess it doesn't really matter, but it makes a mess of my Google Drive folder. On the Mac the folders are all numbered, like "Enpass (5)". If there's more than one Enpass file, they're named like "sync_default (1).walletx". On my Nexus 6, all files all of the folders have the same name, as do multiple sync_default files. Is there a known issue? Or is it supposed to work like that? If the latter, there must be a better way.
  7. This issue is a show-stopper for me. After import I have 325 items in one long list. Some have the same name, as they were previously in separate folders. I can't use Enpass until this is fixed, so I won't be buying the mobile apps anytime soon. Also, high-dpi scaling can't be disabled on Arch Linux. I tried both using the AUR and downloading the app from your website. Neither respect the QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 env variable whether I supply it on the command line or put it in runenpass.sh. I really want this to work because KeePassX is poorly supported on mobile. Please fix these two issues and you'll have a customer for life. By the way, all other applications I use on this machine look the way I want (small UI components for maximum information display), including KeePassX. Enpass looks very much out of place.
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