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  1. I sync my Macbook and Android phone to a dropbox vault. All of a sudden, without changing anything, the android app won't sync anymore. I get only the message in the title of this post. Please advise. jv
  2. I just opened a support ticket, I should have done that previously.
  3. I posted this over three months ago and it has still not been addressed! No one from enpass has replied, either. This is garbage!
  4. I have encountered a serious bug, and a related, less serious one. 1. I cannot unlock Enpass 5.6.8 on Android with my master password. I have fingerprint unlock enabled. Sometimes when I've been working with my hands or they are dirty the fingerprint recognition doesn't work. It went into Master Password mode, and despite over a dozen attempts to unlock, it would not. I am absolutely certain of my master password, and even tested it on one of my Macbooks and it worked perfectly. I am syncing with Dropbox. This is repeatable. Launch, hit "cancel" for fingerprint, and then try to unlock with master pw - fail. I tried logging out of Dropbox, then logging back in and trying Enpass - same result. 2. Once in master password unlock mode you cannot revert to fingerprint without force-quitting Enpass. This must be fixed!
  5. I'm a new user, migrating my chrome, safari, and keychain saved passwords to Enpass, and remediating my groups of identical passwords. I have a lot of these - at the start over 100 to be changed. It would be great if there was a built-in workflow for this process. Save that, please consider the following: Do not change input focus after synching. This is really annoying. I am in a particular duplicate password group, and after I save the new password, that item disappears; I go to select a new one to work on, but before I can, sync occurs and my input focus is reset to "All Items," at the top. This requires me to mouse back down and click on "Identical," scroll, and select the group I was working on; save the url for the password change page of websites; that way, one can easily access them the next time; in cases where there's a direct url for changing a password, in the form of old password/new password/verify new password, create a single operation for this, using my generated passwords preferences. That is make changing a password an atomic operation for the user. Thank you, teeko
  6. I use Jumpcut on the Mac, a clipboard manager. Enpass doesn't clear this, so if I don't, passwords are left on the machine in the clear.
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