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  1. I did clear the cache. Seems it's not possible to have two vaults with cloud sync in enpass, so I guess I will have to look elsewhere. I love the program and have been a user since the Windows Phone days. Am really sorry that I have to switch.
  2. Thanks. I'm only using Onedrive because Enpass only allows one vault on iCloud. If you supported multiple vaults per back end, it would be very nice
  3. I am having this issue on t he iPad. I cleared cookies and website data in Safari. I didn't have Edge installed, but I installed it and cleared cookies and website data in there. I ran the onedrive app and verified that it was only connected to my personal account. I logged into onedrive via Safari and Edge and verified it was only using my personal account. And yet every time I go into Enpass to try and add my other vault, it tries to log in via my work Onedrive account. I am a Pro user, and am so frustrated by this I am considering switching to another password manager. Please help.
  4. I should have added that this impacts both the Windows Store and the Desktop versions of the app.
  5. If Windows screen scaling is set to anything other than 100%, the Enpass 6.0 UI becomes distorted (see screenshots below). It's particularly bad in the 6.0 upgrade UI, which is totally unusable. This leaves you in a state where you can't complete the upgrade and get access to your password vault. My phone app updated at the same time, and because I needed my OneDrive password to reconfigure sync to get that running again, I found myself in a situation where I couldn't access any of my password information! Fortunately, I was able to get into Enpass in Windows by resetting the screen scaling to 100% and restarting the app. Notably, if you start enpass with screen scaling set to 100%, and THEN change it to another value, sometimes (but not always) the Enpass UI seems to scale appropriately.
  6. I thought that you could just use the Windows Biometric API, which does not require a UWP app. I work for Microsoft, so I'll confirm that and post back here.
  7. Although Enpass has support for Microsoft's Edge browser, it does not seem to have support for IE 11. Edge has a feature to launch IE 11 if the web site does not support Edge. So I think it's important to also support a plug-in for IE 11.
  8. I recently switched from 1Password to Enpass due to its support for syncing with OneDrive and better support for Windows Phone. The app was recommended to me by some of my coworkers. I am very happy with the app, and have purchased it for both my Windows Phone and my iPad. However, I am a little confused about the different versions for the Windows platform. From what I see, there is a Windows desktop version and a "UWP" version that can run on both the desktop and Windows Phone 10. However, it seems that Windows Hello is supported in the UWP version, but not the desktop version. Conversely, browser plug-ins are supported in the desktop version, but not the UWP version. So if one wants both Windows Hello support, and browser plug-in support, this is not possible. Is my understanding correct, and if so, why can we not have one version that supports both features? I have a SurfaceBook, which has excellent hardware for Windows Hello - way better than my phone. So it would be great to have the ability to use Windows Hello so that I don't have to type in my master password and the browser plug-ins so I don't have to copy/paste passwords between apps. Thanks
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