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  1. It would be nice if there were a way of using the assistant to autofill (or at least slightly auto) in desktop applications. Currently the only thing the assistant can do is open a browser, or show the desktop app slightly smaller, which isn't very useful when the browser extension already has a keyboard shortcut. As the assistant can be navigated with the keyboard fairly well, it would be useful to be able to copy attributes quickly. eg doing `ctrl + c` would copy the password of the selected element, `ctrl + b` copy the username, and `ctrl + t` copy the TOTP item (Yes, these are the same shortcuts as KeePass uses (KeePassXC, anyway). This is probably much easier to implement than anything more global, and could be used with many more applications, especially if the assistant minimized itself on these keyboard shortcuts, and then remembered where it was when the assistant was triggered again.
  2. It is a great solution, but the only problem is it doesnt work with every app. Which is a problem for things like firefox web browser, which enpass can't detect. I think one of the nicest solutions would be something like keepass2android has, with a simple keyboard thing, with simply a username and password fill button.
  3. There is a sort of autofill feature included aleady, at least in android. You can add either a notification to appear whenever it detects a supported app, or a keyboard that contains a fill button. Personally, I dislike both of these. I'd like a solution like Lastpass which has a floating popup you can call on demand to either autofill, or copy the relevant fields to your clipboard and you paste them yourselves. Or even a minimal keyboard that has this instead, so you can select the account, then either it autofills, or you can copy the credentials manually.
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