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  1. OK, I see it now. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. I read the docs before starting this topic. The Android app works as described, the Windows app requires a right click, not a click on the three dots menu, but functionality is still accessible. I must be missing something obvious, because I cannot find the UI to move an item between vaults using the iPad app. Can you post a screenshot showing this?
  3. I have Enpass pro with multiple vaults already set up. How does one move items between vaults using the iPad app?
  4. I can easily move items between vaults with the Windows and Android apps, but can't seem to get this done with the iPad app. Is this supported?
  5. gmill99

    Vivaldi and Brave

    Enpass Support offers the work around of unchecking the Enpass setting Browser | 'Authorize Browsers With Verified Code Signatures Only'. I am glad to have my extension working again in Vivaldi, but I don't see this work around as a permanent solution. I hope Enpass gets this fixed promptly. The nearly 3 days waiting for a response from Enpass Support seemed much longer. I was surprised how much impact a broken Enpass extension in Vivaldi had on my day to day activities. It was enough time to look around and see what the competition has been doing. Also enough time to start planning how to become a former Enpass user.
  6. gmill99

    Vivaldi and Brave

    After updating to Windows 10 1903, I am also seeing this 403 error with the Enpass Extension and Vivaldi 2.8.
  7. Same issue here, started recently. Uninstalling the Edge extension appears to have solved it. Happy to assist with troubleshooting a permanent solution.
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