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  1. Hi there! Coming from Bitwarden I currently evaluate several password managers - I know Enpass (being a former Enpass user) but I wonder why not a single entry has a individual icon in my database. Dashlane and 1Password made it automatically. Is there way - apart from doing it per entry, I have >800 entries! - to do so in Enpass? Thanks in advance and kind regards from germany!
  2. Yep, this made me turn away from Enpass. I'm happy with Bitwarden nowadays though ;-)
  3. Noone? OK, time to switch to Bitwarden then...
  4. Bitwarden has folder support. I'm not a big fan of version 6 either - and the support of Enpass is ridiculously slow in the last weeks. Think about switching to Bitwarden, they make a great job. The only downfall is that they have no support for wear OS devices :-(
  5. Hi there, I really regret that Enpass switched from folders to tags. When I enter a new username/password combination Enpass asks to save it. So far, so good. But I can't enter a tag in the dialogue :-( So now I have a bunch of new entries without tags. Unfortunately I haven't find a way to select only entries without tags to tag them afterwards. Neither seems to be a way of showing entries by date so that I can edit the latest additions. Any input would be greatly appreciated! For the moment I strongly consider changing to Bitwarden...Enpass 6 is more than a disappointment for me. And the support of Enpass (that has been good for me in the last years) is soooooooo slow as well :-( Thanks in advance!
  6. C'mon, Enpass is worth every single penny and definitely not expensive. Forget about SIC and support the real thing: Enpass! I went through every single password manager but Enpass still is the best out there...
  7. Hi there! I make excessive use of folders and although folders in Enpass are more like Labels I have every entry assigned to a folder. Unfortunately folders aren't a default field so when I enter a new entry a folders is inquired. That brings up the next problem: I can't see on which entries no folders is assigned (or at least I don't know how...). I would be very glad if you integrate such a feature - thank you very much!
  8. Hmmm, I guess you're right. Thanks for the additonal thoughts. And good morning, just gotten up myself ;-)
  9. That's why the keyfile should be held local on each device - see Keepass. Works great and adds a big additional layer of security.
  10. @My1 - if a real 2FA (and I would always prefer Google Authenticator's service therefore) a second factor would still be an excellent idea! I think that most Enpass databases are somewhere in the cloud so it'll me more than sensefull to add 2FA. If necessary a kind of keyfile (as Keepass offers) would still be better than nothing... Just my 2 cent.
  11. Well, that's what I call a good workaround - thanks for the excellent proposal!
  12. Hi there! With Lastpass and Keepass I managed my >600 entries by folders and subfolders. Enpass can deal with it, too but I know it's more like a label than actually a folder, right? What's the best method to get hunders of items into folders? From within "all entries" I can't filter the ones _without_ folders so I can go on further :-( Thank you very much!
  13. I agree with ttk. I was a longterm user of Lastpass and honestly - function-wise it is still unbeaten and runs smoothly on every single platform including Chrome OS. Unfortunately Lastpass stores the credentials on their own servers, located in the US. As a matter of fact this is an attrative goal for hackers so Lastpass was targeted 3 times in the last years...additionally they changed their business model and most people that had and paid from Premium will switch to the free version now. But...how do they earn money? Somehow I can't trust them anymore. 1password is simply...too expensive. And: no Google Drive support. Keepass is safe and free. But the usage is crap, especially on Chrome OS and iOS. I don't see any REAL alternative to Enpass which isn't perfect to me either...but the best compromise of all.
  14. Really great, been waiting for it for so long...and left Enpass due to the lack of it. As far as I see it works great but unfortunately the icon looks exactly like the normal one so I have 2 identicals icons in the Chrome extension bar (I have a Windows PC *and* Chromebook). Is there way to improve that? Besides that I have to enter my master password two times - first in the Android App on my Chromebook and then additionally in the Chromebook connector. That seems a bit weird, eh? Thank you very much!
  15. Honestly? 1password is very high priced. Actually, it's only possible to pay monthly (!!!) whereas Enpass is billed ONCE per plattform. A bargain, really...
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