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  1. Desktop: Windows 10 x64 Pro Build 17763 ++ Enpass 6 (198) Mobile: Nexus 6P w/ Android 8.1.0 ++ Enpass It's still not synchronising. Last successfull synchronize is now 12 hours old.
  2. I just changed one of my passwords, tried to use it on my phone (Android) so I can log in there with the Enpass assistant. Unfortunately, the old password is only accessible, a short look at at the vault information at Enpass 6 (198) on my Windows computer (where I changed it) reveals that - although the last attempt is a few moments ago - last synchronized several minutes. No error, nothing. Vault is stored in Google Drive.
  3. Well, how did that happen. I'm feeling like I have skipped one month. Yesterday Enpass did not show me any update at all, nevertheless, it's working now again! Thank you.
  4. OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 17763 Enpass: Enpass Beta 6.0.0 (149) & Enpass Chrome extension ( Browser: Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) I'm not using any external Antivirus, just Windows Defender. Enpass 5 is not installed on my computer.
  5. I - too - have sine one or two weeks the problem that the Enpass Chrome extension ( IS NOT connection to Enpass and gives me the "Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app." error message. An answer or solution from the developers would be very helpful...
  6. furx505

    Enpass 6 Icon

    Hello, one of my most-wished features are now in Enpass 6 Beta, be able to upload own icons to the vault, which is quite amazing, but it has still some bugs and missing features, which may are already known and on the list, but I thought I'd post this nevertheless. Unfortunately, the icon itself doesn't resize itself to the correct dimension, so maybe adding this would be very helpful. Further, maybe it would also help if we could arrange the image to our likeness. and, after trying out different icons, I have now multiple icons in the icon storage, which I don't use, so please let us delete them :-) I'd be nice also to have the ability to upload an image with an URL, which would save some times. edit: I just added the fourth icon to a entry, and now it every time crashes when clicking on the icon when I'm editing an entry.
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