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  1. Thanks. My issue seems to be linked to this one : as I have a "é" in my username profile path, and I'm also not able to create a new vault using the store app (error message: Vault location cannot be found change to default location). I've been able to test v6.42.662.0 using another profile without any accent in the path, and it's working perfectly, so definitely the accent in my user path is the root cause. Regards.
  2. Hello, I'm having a similar problem: Enpass has just been updated to 6.42.662.0 on my Windows 10. When I run it, it asks to reconfigure. I use Onedrive, and when I try to setup synchronization, I get an error 400. I then tried to restore the last automatic backup (one week ago), and it also fails with internal error -995. I'm stuck with no access to any of my passwords. Please advice. Thanks. [EDIT] I've been able to solve my OneDrive synchronisation issue by deleting both 'Enpass' and 'Enpass 1' folders in the Applications folder on my OneDrive (thanks to this post: I also applied the workaround in this post (use Win32 traditional application) to be able to access my passwords again: I'm still waiting for an upgrade of this buggy Windows 10 store version 6.42.662.0 as the browser extension is not available with the Win32 version.
  3. Thanks for your answer. I already tried it and no more luck. After checking, it seems this has nothing to do with the Windows 10 preview. I linked my PC to a professional account at the same time. This means I now have a personal (live ID) account, and a professional (Office 365) account both linked in the same Windows 10 login. When I choose OneDrive sync in Enpass, I'm automatically linked to my professional OneDrive account, and the application is then not able to find any data because they are all in my personal OneDrive account. If I unlink my professional account in the Windows 10 parameters of the session, everything is working fine again because I'm automatically linked to my personal OneDrive again. Is there any way to force Enpass to use my personal OneDrive instead of my professional one when I choose OneDrive sync in the options? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I'm unable to sync Enpass (bridged version) with OneDrive after Windows 10 upgrade to Insider preview version 17711. Reset Enpass content and connect to OneDrive to restore cloud content ends up with the message "Sorry, we didn't find any Enpass data on this OneDrive account" - not sure of the error message translation as my Enpass is in French. I also tried to uninstall / install Enpass from the store, but still the same issue. Any idea? Thanks.
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