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  1. Any timetable for "available soon" ? br portboy
  2. When will come the next update ....
  3. thx, but I do not have the right on the system to do the .NET update that's the reason why I’m using the portable version
  4. On my Win 7 computer I get the following error: I'm not able to start the program br Robert
  5. portboy

    Sync doesn't work

    I use the portable version for Windows (5.6.10) and the app for Android ( on a Huawei. It doesn’t matter witch sync point I use (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) The portable version on Windows don’t see the new entries from the Android app an the app does not see the new entries from the portable app. this is very frustrating
  6. Hi, I have a strange issue with enpass. Enpass desktop (actual Version) is running on an win10 pc. Every time I will log into enpass desktop app, I must enter the password twice. The first input end every time in a login error …. it doesn’t matter if I enter the pwd with copy/past or normal with keyboard …. This is very annoying. I have this issue since the last versions of the desktop app. Is this a bug or a wrong installation? br rob
  7. portboy

    ENPASS 5.3

    I have the same issue. Your Suggestion did not solve the Problem. Actually not useable under Win10
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