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  1. Hi, The issue has apparently been solved (Enpass 6.1.1 (424)). I have tried Enpass in offline mode and the Premium features are restored (it takes a few seconds to disappear the warning to buy the Premium features). Thank you very much for solving it.
  2. Hi again, I still have the issue, in Enpass 6.1.0 (408) / Windows 10.
  3. Hi, I have the same problem, first with OneDrive and then with Dropbox. I have reset Enpass apps (Windows 10, Android 7.0), I have re-created the main vault... but the issue stills. Windows 10 Pro 1809 17763.316 Enpass 6.0.6 (314) Android 7.0 Enpass The vault location is the default.
  4. Hello there, Previously I reported a bug when importing passwords from a generic CSV file (the early revisions of Enpass 6 did not recognize the "tag" field), however I have realized that Enpass 6 does not recognize the category of data imported from a generic CSV file (it only works when you create the items in Enpass). Passwords, for example, when importing them should appear in the "Login" category, either automatically (because I'm supposed to be importing passwords) or if the CSV file is a dedicated field called "Category", which is curiously displayed when you export the security store as a JSON file. I would like the Enpass team to do some review, allowing the official format to add a column called 'Category', leaving this way: Title,Username,Password,Website,Note,Tags,Category (Bitwarden, for example, has the field with the name "Type", but the categories are limited to 4: "login", "card", "identity" and "note"). Thank you very much for your consideration. Ps: I still wait to see soon a portable version of Enpass 6 or unless the extensions for browsers can work independently (optional, as Dashlane does).
  5. Hi Enpassians, I have the same problem, when I am using the PC offline (Windows 10), Premium functions are not loaded. I do not know if it is something "normal" or is a "design" problem because it is a "store" application. Gabe.
  6. Nice, thank you! Yes, even if I create the labels in Enpass manually and import passwords with the same tags, Enpass ignores them.
  7. Hi, I'm really enjoying Enpass 6 beta in Windows, but when importing passwords from other managers, Enpass does not recognize the "Groups" (or "Folders") field, even if I edit the CSV file and manually type "Tags". I believe that Enpass should recognize it automatically or at least that an import wizard appears to customize the fields as in version 5. Of the rest, Enpass 6 seems to me a marvel.
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