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  1. Lack of U2F support is the one thing keeping me from switching to Enpass. Should be supported on both mobile and desktop.
  2. lnh

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    Would a no-root firewall like NetGuard solve your problem on Android?
  3. Since I only use one language, I found the use of the globe key handy to easily get to the Enpass keyboard and then back to the Google keyboard. I do understand that it is probably not meant for this purpose, but nevertheless it's now a bit harder. I do like the non-auto fill technique you use on your keyboard. One possible suggestion to possibly make the keyboard switching easier. For example, Keypass2Android has a non-root configuration option to auto switch back to the previously used keyboard after you press the "Go" key. Maybe something along those lines would be a better option as the globe key may be used to switch languages.
  4. I'd also like to vote for the ability to use BitTorrent Sync (now spun-off into a separate company called Resilio). At least on Android, the only thing required would be to make the database file appear somewhere in the user space internal memory (/storage/emulated/0/ on a Nexus). I believe Resilio Sync does APIs for greater integration, but at least on Android it would be very simple for the user to create a sync between any user space file location on the phone with any location on a PC or Mac. Since iPhones don't give users access to the file system, the same approach wouldn't work there. Doing something like this would be in the spirit of Enpass which allows users to be in greater control of their data.
  5. As a LastPass user who is giving Enpass a trial I'd like to add my name to the list of people who'd find 2FA via Yubikey helpful. Without consideration for online vs local, isn't a general principle of security that it's best to authenticate via something you know (password) plus something you have (Yubikey)? In LastPass I don't trust any of my devices, so always require the Yubikey and the password to unlock (in reality I think their implementation on Android with Yubikey is almost useless as your logged in state even survives reboots and system cache clearing). I do keep paper unlock codes in a safe deposit box just in case the 2 registered Yubikeys stops working. The advantage of this setup is that it allows me to keep a relatively simple password (49 bits of entropy) with the added protection of the Yubikey. Given that Apple isn't giving access to NFC for alternatives to ApplePay or any other application, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to get on board NFC based 2FA before considering it for other platforms. Didn't AuthenTec drop out of FIDO as soon as it was purchased by Apple?
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