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  1. Hello! I use Enpass for Traditional Windows on Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface Pro. The icons are tin, and in the main listing of passwords, the account name and user name cut each other off. I know that there is a Universal Windows version, and I have even tried it and bought it for password maintenance; however, using the extensions for Firefox and Chrome is critical to me. I want the two to meet in the middle. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I did not know about the Diceware algorithm until it came out of beta. That being said, there are a great many institutions that require users to frequently change their Windows login password using a system that requires mixed case letters and digits but no punctuation. The old Enpass pronounceable password generator worked well for them. The new one simply fails miserably. With that in mind, here is a proposed enhancement (please consult the Password Generator options on any platform, making sure that "Pronounceable" is checked and the recipe is shown): 1. Allow "Digit" in the "Separator" box again. 2. When "Separator" equals "Digit," the "Digits" checkbox should be renamed "Extra Digits," or something to make it clear that it controls the appearance of groups of two or three digits when the separator is a digit. Or it can be disabled. Thank you! Stuart Simon
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