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    Hi all, @Anshu kumar , I can confirm this bug. Same problem here on my iPad : no sub-tags nor items are shown when choosing 'all vaults' view in a multiple vaults scenario with same tags and subtags defined. Everything is working correctly when switching to single vault view. Quite easy to reproduce with 2 vaults and a simple 'test1' tag with a sub-tag 'test2' in each vault. It seems that problem only occurs if both vaults have the same 'test1' tag and 'test2' sub-tag defined. I can also confirm that Android, Windows desktop and OSX desktop versions are not concerned by this bug : only iOS. Hope you'll be abke to fix it soon. Kind regards Flagada (really happy Enpass user)
  2. Hi, Same here between PC Desktop, Android and iOS versions. Tag icons changes also are not synced correctly... Regards, Flagada
  3. Hi Anshu, Thank you very much for your quick answer. That's a great news, showing that Enpass keep respect for old devices. I really appreciate that. I will update this post when fingerprint is added in beta updates and working my device. And I'll definitely buy Enpass 6 when final version will become available (I need multiple vaults support for personal and professional use). Keep up your good work! Cheers.
  4. Hi all, I'm currently testing Enpass 6 Beta on a Galaxy S5. First thing I've noticed compared to previous Enpass version is that Fingerprint is not working anymore on my Samsung Galaxy S5. More precisely, there's not even the fingerprint options in Enpass 6 parameter. I know that Galaxy S5 Fingerprint module rely on proprietary Samsung API, not default Android API (which is used starting to Galaxy S6, S7 and next). Does that mean that Samsung fingerprint API support has been removed in Enpass 6 and that fingerprint won't be supported for pretty old devices like Galaxy S5? Or it is just a temporary bug or disabled feature (as explained in beta documentation)? Thank you very much for your answer (and for this great software, better than any other on the market). Kind regards Flagada
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