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  1. Can confirm this bug as this is happening to me on both my windows PC's. Haven't yet found a workaround, and it's annoying as hell.
  2. I paid for it on iOS. Now Windows desktop has locked features I've been using in the beta for months behind a paywall. If I used an android device, I'd have to buy it there. Is there no way to buy it just once?
  3. I want to try Enpass 6, but wondering if I will have to download the betas on every platform to do so? Also, what's the plan when version 6 goes live? Will it convert to live automatically? Or will it be another export/import option?
  4. Well, I tried to use the beta but it just... doesn't work at all. Doesn't allow me to use onedrive to sync the vault, so I can't import my shit. What kind of timetable are we talking for release on this thing?
  5. I just got a hello capable camera for my desktop. Went to go enable it in enpass and I couldn't find the settings anywhere. Turns out only the UWP app has it (they say the Store version, but the desktop app is in the store now). That's fine. Except it's ten dollars. I've already bought the iOS version. Do I really have to pay another ten bucks for the UWP version? Why do you have to buy it on a per platform basis?
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