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  1. I have to side with ChaosNo1 on this one. What I see on this forum fits to my experience with Enpass Support. First it takes a long time to get a response and then the answer wasn't all that helpful. In one case I never received any reply.
  2. Then they should have thought of a different solution. This sends a weird message.
  3. No need to list all the free features. If there is one feature that used to be free and now has to be paid for (plus such a central one that greatly affects the usability of a software), it's one too many! Period.
  4. Thanks for noticing the complaints. I will watch future updates. But please also overthink your pricing model. As I mentioned elsewhere: don't make people pay for features that where free before! Also: think about how Mac- and Windows-users feel, when they have to pay for Premium, while Linux-Users don't. I for my part feel like 2nd class user.
  5. Here's what I did: using AppCleaner I removed v6. From a TimeMachine backup I simply recovered the old version. Worked like a charm. All passwords, all settings are still here. Unlike v6, which lost my sync settings (for example).
  6. Who thinks of such things? Making people pay for their old experience? Ransom is the absolute correct word here. I have recommended Enpass A LOT in the past. Almost as if I'm getting paid for recommendations. But it's business models like this that make me stop recommending and using software. I have ditched 1Password for their subscription and account-model. I am seriously thinking of doing the same with Enoass. This is not about the price. It's about principle! If I would get the absolute best experience overall, I MAY purchase the premium package. I don't know about the Windows-version of EP6, but on Mac I have a for worse experience than before. A lot of this has been pointed out by a lot of users during beta-phase. Some was "acknowledged", nothing of that has been changed. Most has been ignored.
  7. @rowankaag thanks for pointing me to the history-setting. Still, I will keep using EP 5 for now. Its experience is better and more Mac-like than EP6. I don't like having to click the "back" arrow several times, if I navigated through several points in Settings and want to go back to the main settings-page and maybe navigate to some other setting. This is just stupid. As other pointed out: making people pay for features they have been using in the past (TouchID on Mac) is an absolute dealbreaker! No way I'm supporting this. Paying for completely new features, of course. But not this. You're locking users out of their previous experience. Somebody in this forum has called it "ransom". I agree with that. Also, can someone explain why the Premium package says "lifetime license"? What is the free package then? A license which will expire/which I have to subscripe to in the future? Last but not least: what makes Linux so much more special that they get all premiun features for free? Is Mac and Windows second class?
  8. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed design-wise for the Mac-version. Some changes have been requested a lot during beta-phase, but also have been ignored completely so far: - ditch the blue!! It looks ugly with dark mode! At least give us an option to remove it! This is a mix of dark and colorful mode. - we still get the slide-out windows for preferences, password generator etc. Please give us a more Mac-like experience with extra windows with tabs at the top! What we have now does not look like a Mac-app! - overall it still looks like a port from Windows, or a portable device. I can't find favicon support anymore? It was there in the betas. I also cannot find a password history anymore!!! I created a test-entry, changed the password a couple of times, but there is no history! Edit: I found A history. If you click the generate-button, you get the last 12 passwords generated overall, for all entries, that's it. I need to have a complete history for every single entry and it needs to be right in the entry, not just after opening the generator. I think I will revert back to Enpass 5 for now, this doesn't work for me at all.
  9. I still dislike the blue together with dark mode. At least give us an option to remove that. The app still looks and feels more like a Windows 10 application (slide-out instead of separate windows for preferences (for example)). A lot of previous requests from the forum have been integrated though, which is great! So please take the above ones into consideration (they have been mentioned earlier). Thank you!
  10. Just to add something to the UI-part (I hope nobody else has mentioned it yet): In the macOS-beta, blue text on dark background is almost impossible to read. Check any URL-link in any entry while you are using dark mode. I am almost certain this is already on the team's list, just wanted to make sure though. Something new: I'm not sure whether this happened with the previous beta (again, macOS), but right now the app is a real CPU hog with about 50% of CPU usage. I noticed it after about 10 minutes of working with the app. I use Mojave (10.14.1). I would also like to request the separation of threads in this forum. One for each platform. We've seen what kind of confusion can come up. And maybe a little more responsiveness would be good too. Hint: that's a general suggestion to the Enpass-team
  11. That's just not true. They explicitly said they will try to make the UI/UX more Mac-like, as people (myself included) have requested. Give them some time. If you don't have time, please, move along.
  12. The dark mode looks superb on the new Enpass v6 beta Just now the blue really doesn't fit anymore. But that may just be my taste. Maybe there will be an option for different (or no) colors in later betas. Thanks also for favicon support!
  13. Not the most important question, but will there be support for Dark Mode under Mojave?
  14. Something about the password generator I would like to share: When I choose a pronouncable password and also choose "Digits" (plural), there is always just ONE digit added and it's always at the of the very end of passphrase. I EP 5 this seems to be more random: sometimes at the start of a word, sometimes at the end and never is it at the same position in the passphrase over and over again.
  15. Took a (very) quick look at the new Beta and here are my first impressions: my first thought: this is a Windows 10 application!!! It looks and behaves so much like something on Windows 10. The preference pane appearing from the side: sooo Windows-like. Also the buttons, checkboxes etc. look more like Windows. I really, really hope there is time for a modern Mac-like redesign (and feel). I like the new icon in the dock, but in Safari you can't really what that icon is. the blue is nice, although not necessary, so maybe users should be able to choose the UI themselves (as in MS Office: colorful or classic). the search appears to be much more accurate. In EP 5, the results sometimes weren't very accuate. So I hope this stays. The password-generator is much better now. I like that it's bigger now. One suggestion: pronouncable passphrases could be available in different languages. I guess you are using diceware-lists? Those are available in many different languages. The browser extension opens the main application every time, which I have to allow first every time. I am using High Sierra. As it turns out, it ONLY opens the main application, but never the extension itself. For a final release, I would really like to see some sort of helper application, that allows you to open the extension without having to run the main application in the background. Other password managers do that as well. Question: will the browser extension support grabbing the website-icon directly from the website (like other password-managers )?
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