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  1. I did, because my post was about the self hosting aspect and it was not mentioned in the reply. Mostly because people nowadays do not read most of the stuff anymore. In this case I assumed wrong, my apologies. I made the effort to change all my passwords and then switched to another solution, because all of this situation seems suspicious to me. - All answers which you read are from same guy (yes, small company I know) - No official statement about this forced update and absolutely no help to convert you DB back to v5. So let's say you have 50 installations and some of them updated and others didn't. Now you can't go back at all, neither sync them... I will still follow the development, because it started as a very nice software.
  2. I repeat: "pretty easy to set up the self hosted server" Please read a whole sentence next time
  3. Bitwarden, pretty easy to set up the self hosted server and it has all the desktop/mobile/browser apps + the code is also available on Github. I really liked Enpass, but the v6 ruined it for me. It's not trustworthy anymore.
  4. ah ok. Thanks a lot, somehow i was blind and didn't see this. Luckily I made a Backup of my wallet just before i did the upgrade. I will stick to version 5 until i find a better password manager. It was annoying enough that the v6 did not find the external file just because the filename extension changed and it said there is no file on my WebDAV path....
  5. can somebody please provide a link to the latest v5 version? That would be great! Or just tell me what the latest version Number was.
  6. I have to change the password of my ownlcoud every 3 month. This means i have to remove the whole sync account and add it again. Would it be possible to just ask the user to re-enter their passwords if the auth fails? Regards, Xarlatan
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