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  1. After update to 5.1.0 the problem seems solved, this morning the app was opened all the time, with auto-locking after preset time but still open. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately I found again the problem in the desktop version; after a few minutes, without a specific cause, the application closes by itself and also of any information stored on the Clipboard disappears. It happens randomly, sometimes you just started, sometimes after a few minutes. The operating system is Windows 10 build 10,586,420 (no insider) and the Enpass version is 5.0.6
  3. Sorry, I apologise for not seeing your answer :-( Now I've just updated to version 5.0.6 and seems that this problem was solved.
  4. I've just installed the beta version and everything seems working well, the only "bug" I've found after some hours of use is that the app that I was always keeping open in the applications bar so I was able to have rapid access only after typing master passwords now seems to close every time I "reduce" and so I have to restart always. I've not seen yet an option in security that fix this closure so I don't know if it's normal or not. Someone else has noted same thing?
  5. Just updated! Works fine! Thanks!!!!!!
  6. Same situation on my Lumia 930 with Windows 10 mobile build 14295.1000; even now that app it's reappeared in the Store I've uninstalled and reinstalled but it's impossible to open
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