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  1. Yes! Please bring this back. If Android is safe enough to offer this, then I can't imagine Windows 10 not offering the hooks. Apart from the convenience: I really don't want people to be able read along when I type my master password. So actually one could argue that not offering Windows Hello on the first start-up , could actually be interpreted as a security flaw/risk... (imagine standing in a crowded metro trying to log into something). So please bring full-time Hello back, I had got myself a license for the UWP app just to have this! And @tox1c90 : it's even worse than just after a fresh boot: if you don't leave Enpass running in the task-tray it'll NEVER offer you Windows Hello login
  2. Thanks for helping me think in the right direction... I found a folder \Enpass sitting in \My Documents with wallets inside that had been last accessed in 2016. Enpass 6 must have defaulted to that folder, causing the problem... Deleted the complete folder, and was able to setup Enpass 6 like normal, connecting to Onedrive Thanks again for thinking with me!
  3. Yes, I did have Enpass5 installed, but the password never changed, so that can't be it...
  4. What on earth went wrong with Enpass 6 beta lately??? (version Can't put in my master password, says it's wrong... By the way, we're talking a fresh install of latest Win32 beta here on a laptop I have to use since my main is in repairs... My android install works fine with this password. HELP!!!
  5. Hi @Anshu kumar I'm aware of the sharing risk, so that's why I want to make sure that I have a vault with ONLY the work-related items in there (and not also my private banking stuff for instance) But thanks for the suggestions. Thanks for the clear explanation @remosito
  6. I have been using the search function here, but couldn't find anything regarding my question... so forgive me if it was here somewhere already. But since Enpass 6 supports multiple vaults, I was planning to start separate my private and work-related password items into separate vaults, so I'll be able to share said work vault with colleagues. Has anyone here done the same and how did you proceed in realising that? Is there an export function on item level that I missed, or is duplicating the vault a better way (and subsequently cleaning out each vault for appropriate items?). Any advice highly appreciated
  7. Hi @Anshu kumar That's good to hear, that the issue has already been identified (aaand fixed) And thanks for letting us know! Can't wait for the update to arrive. On a sidenote: is the Enpass 6 app nearing completion, or that still a far way off?
  8. Aaaaaaand fingerprint unlock needs fixing (even if set, it just asks for master password every f***ng time)
  9. I couldn't agree more.... :) This bug needs fixing ASAP! #PrettyPleaseWithSugarOnTop
  10. Wait: it gets worse: after opening Enpass (first time, so with password) and leaving it untouched till it locks by time-out. It doesn't offer either fingerprint, nor the possibility to enter the password when I return to it. I have to manually kill the app with task view, before reopening it for it to respond (and yes; this time it offers me fingerprint)
  11. Since my last post we've moved to beta version, and still no improvement. It asks me for my full password every f***ing day, instead of offering to unlock with fingerprint (only when I've used Enpass like one hour ago or something). Could you guys please fix this?
  12. Hi, latest beta, behaves worse than the previous beta regarding the use of the fingerprint to unlock. I have already set the setting "ask for masterpassword at least..." to the longest option available (1 month) and still it asks me for the password almost every time I start Enpass afresh. Enpass 5 did a much better job at this
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