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  1. 1. Device is Mate 8 and Android Version is 6.0 2. Not using 2 step on OneDrive 3. There is Enpass folder in OneDrive and it is being updated from PC. There is only one copy and it updates from PC often. 4. Date and Time is set to auto Upon first install. Installed desktop, like the function of program added one pass/login to see sync function. Installed on phone and input onedrive password it synced. Inputed mutiple passes (less than 20) on PC and then viewed on phone to see if it updates, it did not update. The syncing dial kept rotating and no updates. Disconnected and reconnected ondrive account on android enpass but no updates. Installed OneDrive app on phone and made the sync_default.walletx always update on phone thinking maybe this will help. Uninstalled enpass and reinstalled enpass on android, it worked. However, this morning I get error on android sync "Not able to connect to OneDrive. Please check Internet connectivity. Error Code:-113". Disconnect and reconnect Onedrive and it synced. Do I have to continous do the disconnect and reconnect? I am on Enpass 5.4.0 on Android.
  2. I am on 5.4.0 on android, and unable to sync with onedrive. Sync icon keeps spinning, was about to purchase. uninstalled and installed, seems to be working.
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