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  1. Thanks! I'll wait. Could you please tell me how Enpass's Auto Backup works? Sometimes a change is backed up quickly, and yet sometimes hours have gone by and the newest changes are still not backed up. Thanks!
  2. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear: I don't back up the ".sync" folder, nor (for the moment) the "Backups" folder. Just the vault files (.enpassdb & .json) and the various .enpassattach files. Among them, only the vault.enpassdb file is changed constantly (every 10 min.). As explained in my previous post, no.
  3. That's exactly the first alternative I looked into when I discovered the issue 2 days ago. The problem is, how Auto Backups (for simplicity and clarity, I'll call them AB from now on, to distinguish with backups made with other software such as QRecall) are done is not documented (is it?). In line with your observation, I have only 5 backups so far, with the most recent one dated 2019-04-10, meaning changes made after that haven't been backed up yet, including one I made just for test more than 24 hours ago. I don't know what you think, but that's not sound backup strategy to me. Tw
  4. Hi, I've my ~/Documents folder backed up by QRecall (v2.x) every time there is any change to the file system. When inspecting my backup data today I found frequent backups (every 10 min. or so) even when I'm not around my computer (when sleeping e.g.). Turns out Enpass is writing to my two vaults every 10 min. even when no change has been made and other synced devices (my notebook and android phones, e.g.) are either shut down or sleeping. My guess is Enpass is constantly checking the cloud sync store (Google Drive in my case) and writing sync status (or something in that nature) to
  5. A keyboard shortcut for what? Are you referring to the system-wide hotkey? That one is in Settings - General.
  6. I installed v6 beta 250 for a 2nd time after wiping every trace of previous betas off my system, Importing from 1Password worked. Not only that, attachments were imported properly; thank you very much! A pair of interrelated bugs to report: 1. Changing data location would prevent me from logging in the next time Enpass is launched. Always gives me the "incorrect password" error. 2. Changing backup location would cause the same problem.
  7. I'm seeing this as well after trying to set up sync between my desktop Mac with my Macbook. (Both running Enpass 6 beta 250 on Mojave 10.14.1.) The error number I see is exactly the same (815993).
  8. Excited to try out the new beta, only to find the promised fix for 1Password importation has not been delivered. Very disappointed to say the least. Without being able to get my data in, I still can't try anything with Enpass.
  9. Are we still getting the quick fix for data import promised more than a week ago? I can't beta test the newest beta if I can't import my data from 1Password.
  10. I concur, even though I'm new to Enpass and have no idea what it used to be like.
  11. The beta download page has been updated with the latest build info and release notes, but the large "Available for Mac OSX beta" download button is still linked to build 187.
  12. For login pages, please see the following two sites: ecvip.pchome.com.tw/login/v2/login.htm ipost.post.gov.tw/pst/home.html (both https, but the forum refuses to let me post when the protocol is included.) Both are in Chinese only, unfortunately. The first looks pretty standard (email address/password), but 1Password never gets it and can only fill the first field. Enpass 6 beta does nothing on this page. The 2nd one is tricky, as it employs a 4-field security design: 1) account no., 2) user code, 3) password and 4) a 4-digit verification code. The last one is different each
  13. Hi, New user here, looking to replace 1Password with Enpass. I'm trying out Enpass6 beta 1 on macos 10.13.6, with the corresponding beta chrome extension. Issues I've run into so far: 1. While Enpass did a pretty good job (best among all I've tried) importing my data from 1Password, it left out all the attachments. 1Password exports all the attachments in a subfolder alongside the .1pif data file. Inside the folder aptly named "attachments", files are further grouped into subfolders according to the uuid of the item they associate with. I therefore think it should be easy for En
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