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  1. Omg, you're right, there it is. I went looking for it earlier but missed it, now I see it lol What version did this get included? I guess I missed a changelog somewhere.
  2. 1 year later, any update on this?
  3. Ok, I managed to get it connected with Chrome, updated the Windows program from 149 to 198. But please be careful (I must stress this), you might lose data if you used custom categories in the past, as it's a premium feature now.
  4. I downloaded the beta 6.0.0 (198) version to see if that would fix the connection issues I was having with the (149) version and Chrome. And while it did connect, there are new issues right off the bat. I had 2 vaults before the upgrade, after updating now only have the primary. Setup the 2nd vault, now it says there's no data on that Google Drive. Lucky as hell I backed up my data, otherwise I dunno what'd I do. Then I noticed the premium features: Dark theme, custom categories, templates, Windows Hello are now premium? Why make these free features then put them behind a paywall after people have started using them? Related to above. Custom categories were free, and now it's a premium feature. I didn't expect credentials I had saved when it was free to be completely removed from my vault now that it's a premium feature; both Google Drive and backup file I saved didn't restore an entire category I had with important credentials. Luckily my phone didn't sync and I managed to save a backup file before losing even more data. And most recently, noticed issues when cloud syncing or saving backup files. Trying to sync with Google Drive and Dropbox, it doesn't sync the correct number of items with cloud, and doesn't allow me to save a backup file to my computer. Ever since this latest update nothing by problems. I've tried starting from scratch, rebooting, deleting cloud folders, you name it, it doesn't sync anymore for me. I know it's a beta, but damn. I was annoyed earlier with some things not working, but now I'm starting to get pissed off.
  5. @Ronnie Munoz tried that, no luck. It's annoying because I've had connection issues before, but the code came up and back to normal. Now I don't get the code pop up, no matter I close, reboot, restart anything and everything. This program has become quite a pain recently, coming from a guy who absolutely loooooved it months ago, and recommended it everywhere and to everyone, which I can't do at this point.
  6. @Anshu kumar Windows: 10 1803 Enpass: 6.0.0 (149) Extension: Chrome: 70.0.3538.110
  7. I know that, I've been using the Beta for awhile now (probably the day it was released). It was working just fine until the latest Chrome version got updated, now it won't connect. I've tried uninstalling reinstalling etc still nothing. During the connection attempt, it loads the program, then error it couldn't connect. I'm not the only one this is happening to either.
  8. Still not working for me with Chrome, but works fine with Firefox.
  9. I noticed this yesterday for the first time. Every time I'd leave the app and go back it requests master password; I disabled locking the app upon leaving, have pin enabled, and a longer lock timer, so this definitely shouldn't be happening.
  10. Very happy to read this. Of the many features I wish to see with this software, sensitive notes (or multilinear fields) is a must imo, especially for 2fa codes. When can we expect to see this happen?
  11. O...m...g... lol well don't I feel stupid now; it was set to "created time". But I swear, I didn't hit that on purpose, I don't even use the sort by feature
  12. Recently I noticed I'm having a harder time finding a specific account, and then realized it shows the date the entry was created instead of the username. I had to rename a bunch of entries to include the username, which I don't want to do for every website which has multiple credentials. I don't need to know when I created an entry at a glance, but I do need to find usernames at a glance, please change it back.
  13. The error happens when I wake my computer from sleep or hibernate, and Enpass has already tried syncing before my computer is fully connected to my VPN. Please add a way to delay the sync or perform a resync attempt after failed syncs.
  14. I guess devs don't care about fixing (or even acknowledging) issues anymore?
  15. I'm having the same issue no, started a couple days ago. Noticed the error when I turned the computer on from sleep, hibernate or restart. Then noticed it happening when there was any kind of network change, disabling VPN for example. This never happened before a couple days ago.
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