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  1. +1 I love Bitwarden's username generation, especially being able to create DuckDuckGo emails right in the app and not having to visit their website/extension. I wish Enpass can impliment this since I don't feel like switching password managers
  2. All 5 fingerprints are still there.
  3. How come Bitwarden doesn't have this OS-specific issue? When I restart my device, Enpass is the only app I need to manually re-enable biometrics, which doesn't even work until I go into the phone's fingerprint settings first. Every app I use (financial, social, security... BItwarden included) unlock with biometrics after a restart, without having to enable or do anything out of the ordinary. Why can't Enpass figure this out?
  4. Enpass: OS: Umidigi F1, Anroid 9
  5. OP didn't say this happens after unsuccessful attempts, but after he restarts his phone. Why do companies constantly reply with random "solutions" that have nothing to do with the actual problem? I came to post this myself, but my phone is unrooted, and I didn't have any unsuccessful attempts. Btw, Bitwarden doesn't disable biometrics after a phone restart like Enpass.
  6. Just to rule out any apps causing this, I setup a new user on my phone, no apps installed except Enpass, and the same happens.
  7. I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix this. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just me? Using my Android 9 phone, if enable pin to unlock, press home, open Enpass, it asks for the pin - all good. But if I view recently used apps, click the x, then open Enpass, it asks for the master password, even-though pin is still enabled in settings; if I enable fingerprint, it asks for that every-time too. My previous Android 6 phone, I open recent apps, click the garbage icon, open Enpass, it asks for my pin and not master password - the way I'm used to. Back to my Android 9. I've disabled developer options, disabled all app blocking, disabled battery optimization, but it still doesn't behave properly. I've searched online trying to find a solution, but nothing I've come across has helped. I am so lost and confused trying to fix this, any ideas?
  8. Pete

    [6.3.0] TOTP Broken

    Cheers m8, worked on my end. 10 that submitted the error, I'm sure countless others are having the problem as well. Bad testing for sure, but it's happened before and probably won't stop here, sadly the developers don't seem very focused imo. Gatta setup backup codes, without them, I'd freak out.
  9. Developer options never turned on. After a factory reset, finger unlocking was working fine, including with Enpass. But after too many failed attempts with my phone, I had to enable fingerprint unlocking, and that's when I get this "failed to init cipher" error and fingerprint unlock never staying checked off in settings.
  10. Enpass, Umidigi F1, Android 9. Brand new phone too, only a few weeks of usage. Previously I had an Android 6 phone, and the issues on that phone I caulked up to the older os, and hoped after upgrading maybe some issues would go away, but nope. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing cache and data, no luck.
  11. I enabled fingerprint unlocking, and it seemed to work for awhile, but now it's asking for my master password every-time I open the app. Disabled fingerprint, enabled pin, re-open the app, master password again, even-though it shows pin is enabled in the settings. Decided to install Bitwarden and compare, enabled fingerprint, and it worked. Disabled fingerprint, enabled pin, reopened Bitwarden, it asks for the pin. Then re-opened Enpass again, asks for master password. Why isn't pin or fingerprint work with Enpass on my phone? Enpass Umidigi F1 Android 9
  12. Omg, you're right, there it is. I went looking for it earlier but missed it, now I see it lol What version did this get included? I guess I missed a changelog somewhere.
  13. 1 year later, any update on this?
  14. Ok, I managed to get it connected with Chrome, updated the Windows program from 149 to 198. But please be careful (I must stress this), you might lose data if you used custom categories in the past, as it's a premium feature now.
  15. I downloaded the beta 6.0.0 (198) version to see if that would fix the connection issues I was having with the (149) version and Chrome. And while it did connect, there are new issues right off the bat. I had 2 vaults before the upgrade, after updating now only have the primary. Setup the 2nd vault, now it says there's no data on that Google Drive. Lucky as hell I backed up my data, otherwise I dunno what'd I do. Then I noticed the premium features: Dark theme, custom categories, templates, Windows Hello are now premium? Why make these free features then put them behind a paywall after people have started using them? Related to above. Custom categories were free, and now it's a premium feature. I didn't expect credentials I had saved when it was free to be completely removed from my vault now that it's a premium feature; both Google Drive and backup file I saved didn't restore an entire category I had with important credentials. Luckily my phone didn't sync and I managed to save a backup file before losing even more data. And most recently, noticed issues when cloud syncing or saving backup files. Trying to sync with Google Drive and Dropbox, it doesn't sync the correct number of items with cloud, and doesn't allow me to save a backup file to my computer. Ever since this latest update nothing by problems. I've tried starting from scratch, rebooting, deleting cloud folders, you name it, it doesn't sync anymore for me. I know it's a beta, but damn. I was annoyed earlier with some things not working, but now I'm starting to get pissed off.
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