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  1. I need to export my passwords to a file that I can import into LastPass. Is there any way to do this?
  2. Enpass has a File/Backup, but no File/Restore function. How do I restore from a backup?
  3. I always get the attached error. If I click sync now, it works.
  4. I currently have Version 5.6.9 on my Android devices. If I upgrade will I have to pay? Will this version continue working?
  5. I spent money solely to use Touch ID with Enpass. I reasoned that it would be quicker and more secure than entering a PIN. However, you can't just use the Touch ID. You have to first click a button to choose Touch ID and then put your finger on the reader. Sure, it doesn't seem like much work, but it's much easier to just enter the PIN (especially if you have numbers that can be typed with one hand). Try it, and you'll see.
  6. Since upgrading to the latest version of the Firefox extension (6.0.0), when I click on the toolbar button, nothing happens. I click on it again, and it brings up the window to enter the PIN. Before upgrading, I only needed to click once.
  7. I have version 6.0.2 (292). Is that the beta (It doesn't say anywhere). If so, can I go back to the earlier version?
  8. I recommend that you get a native English speaker to go over the things your write. For example, this: Get the Enpass now Whatever your device maybe, we have an Enpass for you. Is not the way a native speaker would write it. It should be Get Enpass Now. Whatever your device may be, we have an Enpass for you. or better: Get Enpass, Now! Whichever devices you have, we have a version of Enpass for you. I love Enpass, but when I see mistakes like this, I start to worry about the app. I hope that helps you.
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