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  1. Hi, Just wanted to point two errors about the spanish localization in the UWP app: When right clicking an entry inside the folders' or favorites' section it should show 'Eliminar', but shows 'Remover' instead (which means 'stir' in english, not 'remove'). In the main section appears correctly. In the spanish language there is no capitalization in titles and such as there is in english. All of them are capitalized and this is just wrong. For example: 'Tarjeta de Crédito' should be 'Tarjeta de crédito' 'Iniciar Sesión' should be 'Iniciar sesión' ... Otherwise the app keeps getting better and better, keep up the good work with the UWP!
  2. Passwords and sensitive fields are totally visible in plain text when editing. I think they should be hidden by default, with the option of making them visible the same way it is done when browsing entries normally.
  3. In the desktop version of the new UWP app, when editing an entry, you have to have the mouse on top of the invisible column holding all the fields to be able to scroll (with mouse wheel). Outside that column the fields won't scroll; at first I thought the app was broken or something. I don't know if scrolling with the finger in a touch enabled device would trigger the same bug.
  4. Yes, this needs to be implemented. It would be great a drag and drop functionality when editing an entry.
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