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  1. Hi, I searched the forum in order to know if it's possible to edit an existing webform. Somebodyof enpass wrote, this function was in the pipe (summer 2019) Do you have any news? Thank you! Jacques
  2. Hi Pratyush I am/was using the PC plateform. Now I see I can select a filter in the search field. When I use "fields" I see all my data. Problem seems to be solved I have another one: I need to change ma email. so I have also to change my enpass account's email. I could find it in the PC as well as in android platform but can't find that on my ipad. can you help me where to search? here on the PC plateform. best regards
  3. Hi, I need to change my email provider. I updated my email to a new provider. I have a lot of passwords for sites where my id is my email. These passwords are stored in enpass I thought I could search my enpass data for each item where my email is present, in order to identify it, then change it on the corresponding site Is there a general search function? When I search for my email address (which is present in hundreds of items) I only find a couple of them, where my email is in the title, but not where it is in fields like ID I tried Settings - General - Search in All Items, but have no luck. Any idea? regards Jacques
  4. Hello, Since a couple of month, I can't have a connection between enpass and edge / chrom on my win10 laptop. Does somebody work on this subject at enpass? it's very ennoying I had some exchange with enpass asking for help. Somebody from the support told me to send a report of a netstat output on a command line, wich I did (see below) but got no answer Does somebody have any news on this subject? I'm slowly search for alternatives... Jacques Netstat output Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits réservés. PS C:\windows\system32> netstat -ano | findstr 10391 TCP LISTENING 11364 TCP ESTABLISHED 11364 TCP ESTABLISHED 11764 PS C:\windows\system32> netstat -ano | findstr 10392 PS C:\windows\system32> netstat -ano | findstr 10393 PS C:\windows\system32> netstat -ano | findstr 10394 PS C:\windows\system32> netstat -ano | findstr 10395 PS C:\windows\system32>
  5. Hi, I'm a long-time user of enpass. Since a couple of weeks, browser extensions do not connect to enpass anymore. I reinstalled the windows desktop version and checked that the extension connection is activated. same problem on edge and chrome What can I do? regards
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