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  1. all sorted -thank you for your prompt help
  2. Have just sent the email - there is no longer an error - after 'signing-in' to Enpass with the same email that I used when purchasing Enpass in 2016. And no 'restore purchase' option any longer either.
  3. re: this thread If I purchased a lifetime licence prior to the subscription licence being introduced - what plan should I now have access to post signing in with my email address? Currently, it shows "Enpass Lite - All Access (Desktops)" thanks
  4. I tried login in using my email address and the restore purchase button has now gone - but I'm not sure I'm on the right plan.
  5. Hi Enpass Team, Enpass on my Mac is reporting an error code 1800 whilst trying to restore a purchase via my Apple ID (invoice date: 02 Sep 2016). My Apple ID is the same as my Enpass forum email address. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Is there anything to be done on your end? thanks ls
  6. Thanks @Anshu kumar. Do you have a release target date for Enpass 6? many thanks
  7. @Alan in Oakland - this was a bug in a prior version. I've asked whether it was ever fixed since, I'm seeing the same behaviour you've described. Something is stealing the focus from the Enpass window the moment after it starts which is pretty weird. There must be something going on in the background. Will be interested to hear from the Enpass team or other community users on if this is a bug or a feature?
  8. Did this ever get fixed? I still have this issue on Enpass 5.6.11, Mac 10.13.6. Thanks
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