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  1. Worked two days ago when the trouble started. Now the trouble is back and it does not give me any access anymore. Neither did the solution to start Enpass using the terminal. It unlocks when I enter the password and confirm it, but the screen stays grey.
  2. Actually you had to. Enpass v5 needed to be bought (either the app itself, or via In-App Purchase, I honestly don't remember). The automatically installed update to v6 then blocks basic functions? Promised features such as Favicons and DarkMode are missing? Sorry, no comprehension for this.
  3. Soooooo… I basically bought Enpass in the App Store the 29.12.2017 (Happy birthday). I tested your Beta software on macOS and iOS for the last months. Now I discover that the final version is out in the nature - ok, seems great, looks like you did a really good job! Ok, I see that Pro features not available… I try to Restore Purchase so. Error while restoring purchases. Ok, shit happens. So now I read this forum and find out I'm not the only one. Cool! Or not? If stuff this basic isn't working, should I really trust you with my most sensitive data? As suggested in this topic I deleted the Enpass 6 Beta, as well as the store version and all sandbox data (using AppCleaner). Reinstalled Enpass from the Mac Appstore. Your program still won't Restore my Purchase. And I'm mildly annoyed… So? What can you do for me?
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