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  1. Installed 6.0.3 and this does still not work. I think autofill in browser is a rather important feature and perhaps you should prioritize it more?
  2. When will you release bug fix versions for Windows? I am currently on 6.0.2 and experience some problems which you have recognized and written will be fixed in the next version.
  3. As I can vaguely remember, you mentioned somewhere that it was not advised to store large amount of images in the version 5 vault as it would grow large and be difficult to synchronize. Is it correct that this is solved with version 6? As I understand it, images are stored in separate files now and if added, they are synchronized only once and if they are not changed they will not impose any additional sync time or resources?
  4. I have 3 computers and only on one of them I can get enpass to behave as expected. On the two others I can not get autofill in Chrome to work if the login details don't have a website field with an url. Nothing happens when I double click the entry I searched in the extension - no login details are autofilled. But if I edit the entry in enpass desktop and add the url, autofilling in the extension works. If I do the same on my computer which works, autofill works and the extension then asks to save this url for this entry. The settings are identical on each of these 3 computers and all of them are using 6.0.2 (241) of enpass
  5. Just a small question regarding this. I have installed the Windows win32 version from Microsoft Store instead of downloading any msi-setup file here. Will the win32 version installed from the store be automatically updated as any other store app?
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