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  1. @Anshu kumar I use Opera but I tried your suggestion and switched to Chrome but it didn't work. Exactly the same situation. It goes back to Enpass and after authorizing with fingerprint Sync is not set.
  2. I managed somehow after many times clicking to set the connection up but now I see: Sth went wrong syncing with OneDrive. Error Code 504401
  3. I managed to setup Enpass 6 beta (latest SETUP) version on my computer. I did also setup OneDrive Sync. But on my Android Phone I can't setup Onedrive Sync. After authorization it returns to Enpass and there is still Syncing with: none.
  4. Here is everything one more time: 1. No installation routine 2. No deinstallation routine of Enpass 5 3. No upgrade routine from Enpass 5 4. Sync setup doesn't work. Protocol assocation error "enpassauth:" 5. When Enpass is closed and try to open Browser Extension, comes assocation error with protocol "enpassstart:" 6. Adding new login doesn't work. I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 (17134.407)
  5. @Gajender Singh I tried my native language (polish) but after facing first problems I switched to english. If you need more informations from me, pics etc. I can help.
  6. I've the latest Enpass 6 beta Extension installed. Sync Setup doesn't work. Also: I can't add any login. I click Add item and the field on the right is empty. I click Add new login, create new fields for Email and Password, click save, notthing happens.
  7. In my case it didn't uninstall enpass 5, also didn't make an upgrade.I import old data manualy. Also, as far I can say it is not really installed in the system. Now I can't sync with any cloud because of the problem with protocols association. I authorize Enpass in my cloud (Onedrive, Google Drive) but Enpass become no answer from browser.
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