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  1. It should be something similar in Google Drive, the paths might be slightly off, but I still have an /Enpass folder from when I was using Google Drive so it'll probably be the same.
  2. I can confirm overwriting the empty Android Enpass 6 wallet with my desktop Enpass 6 wallet worked. It's a minor inconvenience to manually update the Android database until they're both pointed to the same location I think, depending on how long it takes to fix it and how often I forget to manually update it.
  3. I've had this same issue myself. I tried restoring my Enpass 5 database in Enpass 6 on Windows which was successful and I began syncing between my two Windows computers without issue; however my Android Enpass 6 never populated. This morning I checked on OneDrive and it appears that I have basically 3 Enpass wallets. My Enpass 5 wallet appears to be in /Enpass, my Windows desktop Enpass 6 wallet is in /Apps/Enpass Beta, and my Android Enpass 6 wallet is in /Apps/Enpass. I think what I'm going to do for now is "manually sync" my Android Enpass 6 wallet by overwriting it with my Windows Enpass 6 wallet, which should at least bring some passwords into Android so I'm not dead in the water.
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