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  1. Did you ever get this sorted? I have the same issues on a Chromebook. Enpass is flaky at best. Sometimes the autofill opens Enpass, other times it moans and says the autofill isn't ticked (it is), and still other times absolutely NOTHING happens.
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience in the hope a) somebody else is having the same issue and b) that somebody might be able to provide an answer to how to fix this. I'm using Vivaldi as my browser (although this happened in Chrome too as you'd expect) and when I update a password within a website, I get the popup from Enpass asking me if I want to save the update to an existing or new record. Great - I choose the relevant one, and away we go. What I did notice though is that this is only updating my record around 50% of the time. I'm having to update, and then go and check in Enpass to make sure it has updated. Sometimes it does, others I have to manually update. Has anybody else seen this, can replicate it, fixed it, or indeed knows whether it's related to a specific issue?
  3. @Anshu kumar Can you please confirm the following? Does Enpass 6 work with existing Mobile and Browser Extensions? On Vivaldi the extension tells me I am using an "old" desktop application. Obviously this is not the case. When syncing to an existing location, amendments do not sync across devices looking at the same location (folder) or mobile application. Does Enpass 6 use a different file/location methodology to deploy? I currently cannot use Enpass 6 due to this which is a shame as I need more than 2 fields auto-filling.
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