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  1. That is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about having the functionality to save a new login when the auto-save functionality doesn't detect the login. Instead of relying on the auto-detection completely it would be nice to be able to bring up the create entry form without having to open the main application. The form is already there when it auto-detects a login, so it seems that it shouldn't be that hard to simply create a new button / menu entry to open it?
  2. The biggest thing I'm missing right now is the ability to save a site password from the browser extension, when the site is not correctly auto-detected. I'm thinking a (+) Add site button below the Generate password button, or as an item in the menu. It would be really nice if this were to integrate nicely with the password history if the Password generator, either allowing to create an item from a generated password, or maybe allowing to select a recently generated password when creating a new item.
  3. Yeah, this needs to be improved. It's by far the largest annoyance I have with Enpass. I think that the best solution would be that if you select Copy you will be prompted to save an entry with that password the next time you open the extension. Also, there really should be a "Add a new Login" button somewhere in the extension. The History feature is nice, but not very apparent... there are several times I wish that I would have known that it existed.
  4. Hello, Currently the browser extension doesn't really handle well attempting to login with a known login on an "unknown" website. Manually searching for a site and attempting to auto-fill instead causes the plugin to open the old unknown URL. This happens with Steam for instance, where the first domain for my login (steampowered.com) was saved for is different from the Single Sign-on domain (steamcommunity.com). Attempting to use my steam password by opening the plugin, searching for steam and clicking on it in the hope of auto-filling the form instead results in a new tab being opened with another sign-in site. First of all, manually searching for a password any attempting to sign in should fill the password on this site, although it would probably be good to have a warning here. Secondly, it would be nice if the plugin would offer to save the current domain to the login that was used to sing in trough auto-fill.
  5. Yea, the currently released versions is not in sync, which makes it impossible to use Cloud sync, possibly on all providers. The desktop version is currently saving to /Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync, but the Android app is still trying to sync to /Enpass6-Beta/vault.enpassdbsync That there is no way to change the filename doesn't help in the least.
  6. Currently there is kind of a pain adding Cloud sync to WebDAV targets. I need to not only know the WebDAV URL, but also exactly the path format that Enpass is expecting, which isn't clear at all. Should it be the root? Should it be the Enpass folder in the root? Should it be the specific backup file in the Enpass folder? The root WebDAV URL should be enough, the client should be intelligent enough to let me pick the database file from there, or browse and let me select the folder where the password database is synced.
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