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  1. jakejohn

    How do I open existing vault?

    How do I open an existing vault? I have a new machine. The vault is on a USB drive. I have installed Enpass. When I open Enpass, it asks to either "Restore from Cloud" or "From this PC\Backup File". Is there an option to just open an existing vault from Enpass v6?? Thanks. Windows 10 Enpass 6.0.4
  2. ERROR MESSAGE (Menu\Settings\Vaults\Primary\Sync Now): Sync Error: Something went wrong while syncing with Cloud. Error code: 204035 ERROR MESSAGE (Menu\Tools\Sync Now): Sync Error: Something went wrong while syncing with Cloud. Error Code: 204005. INFO: Attempting to sync to DropBox. Enpass asked to authorize via browser; received authorization confirmation "Authorization Finished". Enpass attempts to cloud sync with DropBox. Error message received. VERSION: Windows Desktop v6.0.0 (230)
  3. When the browser extension pops-up to save a new login... I would like to assign the category/folder (tagging would be nice too) Currently the browser extension will prompt to save a new login, I save the login, then I go to the desktop app, search for the new login, then assign the category/folder for organization. Thanks.
  4. jakejohn

    Remove all unused fields from item/login.

    My logins (especially the auto-created logins) contain fields that are unnecessary. My OCD-ness wants to clean them up.
  5. I want a new multline text field with the option to make it "sensitive".
  6. When capturing and adding a new web login, auto save the URL domain, not the garbage after it.
  7. Remove all unused fields from item/login.
  8. jakejohn

    Add Tags to Login

    I would like to categorize logins by tags. I would like to see the tags in the left pane. I would like to search by tags
  9. +1 It's 2018...why isn't this implemented yet? Seems easy, and very useful.
  10. After the Enpass Windows Desktop upgrade, the Chromium web browser extension no longer works. Enpass Windows Desktop v5.6.8 Enpass Password Manager v5.5.2 Chromium Version 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 7 (64-bit)
  11. I managed to resolve the problem before I was able to read the troubleshooting steps. I resolved the issue by going to Enpass Desktop and removing the checkmark from "Enable browser extensions" and adding the checkmark to "Verify browser", and then reversing those checkmarks. I also noticed there was an extension error log that was mentioning something about the localhost connections. So far, all is good now.
  12. Enpass is doing nothing when the extension button is clicked. There are no errors. Enpass was working before. Here are the settings:
  13. When I click the browser extension, nothing happens. It used to work, and I think related to upgrading Chromium/Chrome. Enpass 5.6.5 Enpass Password Manager 5.5.2 Chromium Version 65.0.3325.162 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 7 64-bit
  14. jakejohn

    Multiple/Many/Duplicate EnpassHelper.exe Processes

    I've been getting the multiple EnpassHelper.exe processes when: Enpass is running. Enpass was unlocked with master password, but now locked. Enpass asks for PIN to unlock. Enter PIN to unlock, and immediately multiple EnpassHelper.exe are appearing in Windows Task Manager. Enpass v5.6.5 Windows Chrome plugin
  15. jakejohn

    Custom logos and templates

    +1 for custom template. I create items that only need a password field OR a PIN field.