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  1. When I click the browser extension, nothing happens. It used to work, and I think related to upgrading Chromium/Chrome. Enpass 5.6.5 Enpass Password Manager 5.5.2 Chromium Version 65.0.3325.162 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 7 64-bit
  2. Multiple/Many/Duplicate EnpassHelper.exe Processes

    I've been getting the multiple EnpassHelper.exe processes when: Enpass is running. Enpass was unlocked with master password, but now locked. Enpass asks for PIN to unlock. Enter PIN to unlock, and immediately multiple EnpassHelper.exe are appearing in Windows Task Manager. Enpass v5.6.5 Windows Chrome plugin
  3. Custom logos and templates

    +1 for custom template. I create items that only need a password field OR a PIN field.
  4. Multiple/Many/Duplicate EnpassHelper.exe Processes

    I'm using the Chrome plugin. But you did provide some info on the autolock feature, and if perhaps related to the problem.
  5. Multiple/Many/Duplicate EnpassHelper.exe Processes

    @Akash Vyas Do you know how to reproduce the problem so we can test the build? If not, how do we know the test build fixes the problem? I can go several weeks without a problem. Is the problem assumed to be resolved after 1 month? 6 weeks? 2 months?
  6. Changing the Data Location isn't working the way I want. I want the walletx.db to be stored in the location "e:\Software\Enpass\Data". But the Settings menu keeps appending the "Enpass" folder to the end of the location I want. I also had a similar problem with the Backup location, but was able to change this via enpass.conf file. Enpass Windows Desktop v5.6.5
  7. There are multiple/many EnpassHelper.exe processes running. The process doesn't end after I quit Enpass application. I don't know what EnpassHelper.exe does to help troubleshoot. Enpass Desktop v5.6.5
  8. PIN Code not working

    Have you observed the same problem of settings being not preserved with any other settings in Enpass? Favorites are not saving. I just noticed the Security setting "Lock when system gets locked" is not saving too. Which Windows version are you using? Windows 7 x64 Are any changes in Enpass data being saved? Like marking/unmarking favorites, creating new items? Favorites are not saving. New Items are not being saved. Are you using Enpass as a same user, who installed it in PC? Might me an issue related to permissions required to save changes on File system. Yes, same user. There is no indication from Enpass settings/data not saved. This actually might be the bigger problem. Thank you.
  9. PIN Code not working

    Adding a security PIN code does not work, and does nothing. Menu = Tools\Settings\Security\Pin Code Click Pin Code check mark. Enter PIN. Click OK. Application returns to Settings/Security screen. There is no check mark in Pin Code box. Application behavior does not change, and does not behave like it uses a pin code. Enpass v5.5.2
  10. Click tray icon to open Enpass UI

    @Anshu Kumar, I noticed if the main application is minimized to the task bar, double-clicking the tray icon does not bring the main application to focus. Thank you.
  11. Wish I can simply open the UI by clicking on the tray icon. But instead I have to right-click tray icon, click Restore, click a down arrow, then click Show Enpass. Too many nested clicks!