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  1. I would like to see the mobile app have the custom template feature.
  2. I don't want to lose the popup window of the Enpass Chrome extension when I click on something that isn't the popup window. For example.. I had an Enpass extension for Chrome popup window appear when capturing a new login or update. But I clicked away from the popup window, and the popup windows disappeared. I then lost my login credentials, including the password I just generated. Since the information wasn't captured by Enpass, I had to go through the extra trouble reset my password and start over. I've done this a few times when I've tried to click the main browser window to copy/paste information into the Enpass extension window. Thanks. Chrome Extension v6.0.2
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll change my post to "Include" characters. Usually websites let you know what you can include.
  4. The new version 6.1.0 (June 6, 2019) of Enpass for iOS has fixed the issue. Thank you.
  5. Many sites don't allow certain characters. For example, only the special characters allowed are @ $ ! Want a feature to include characters.
  6. PROBLEM: "Last Synchronized" field is blank. I even tried the "Sync Now" button, and the field still is blank. Perhaps worse, my vault isn't getting sync'd or backed up. Thank you.
  7. How/Where do I enter the DropBox authorization code into Enpass Desktop? Thank you. Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 (323) Enpass Extension v6.0.2
  8. I got the authorization from DropBox. Is there somewhere I can put it in Enpass so I can get the sync to work?
  9. I would like the option to select which web browser Enpass Desktop uses.
  10. Great idea, but I'm running a portable version of Chromium. Here's what my Chromium browser settings show (I presume it declares itself as the default browser because it is a portable app without access to the registry): Thanks.
  11. Problem: Setting up Sync is not working with Dropbox (maybe others too). Environment: Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 (323) Enpass Extension Chromium Web Browser 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) (not default browser) (Enpass Extension installed). Google Chrome (default browser) (Enpass Extension not installed). Repro Steps: When I setup Dropbox Sync via Enpass Desktop: Enpass Desktop opens the default browser. I don't use the operating system default browser with Enpass, therefore don't have the Enpass Extension installed on the default browser. I use Chromium as my browser, which is not the operating system's default web browser. Enpass Desktop sends an authentication link to the default browser to Dropbox. Since I don't use the default browser, I copy and paste the authentication link to my default browser. The browser that I use is Chromium, with the Enpass Extension installed. When I log into Dropbox via authentication link and approve the authorization, Enpass doesn't recognize the authorization, and does nothing. Potential Reasons: Chromium not fully supported. Chromium is not the default browser. Enpass will open the default browser (which I don't use Enpass Extension) with the authentication link, I manually copy the authentication link, and paste the link. There's some sort of communication between: Enpass Desktop <=> Enpass Extension <=> Browser that is not working. Thanks
  12. I want the autofill feature to detect/fill logins by domain. Currently the detection includes subdomain, but some sites use the same account login across their domain with different subdomains. Thanks.
  13. Here's what I see....clutter and inconsistencies that can be improved. Enpass Desktop App: No Fill & Copy. Two buttons for copy, and another "..." button for more, but still missing fill/copy. Enpass Browser Extension: There are 3 buttons to Copy, Fill, and "...". Also, Fill & Copy really needs to be the default since the Extensions frequently misses the trigger to capture the web page's new login and save it. Thanks.
  14. The browser extension needs the feature to copy the generated password when you "Fill" the browser. Fill & Copy. Here's what's happening to me WITHOUT the feature: Generate the password. Fill the password to the web page. The web page accepts the password. But....Enpass didn't capture the password! So now I have a new web page login, without the password! Enpass didn't copy the password, nor did Enpass create a new login account in the Enpass App. Other Option: Enpass extension should figure out why it's not capture a new login on the web page. But at least having the password in the clipboard is better than nothing. Other Option: Fill & Create new login button. Enpass Password Manager extension for Chrome Version
  15. It would be nice if I can copy the authorization URL from Enpass, paste into my browser, and copy/paste the security token back into Enpass !
  16. I click the Set Up Sync button. Click DropBox. I get the DropBox API Request Authorization webpage. I click Allow. I get the Authorization Finished web page. But the Desktop App is spinning and waiting....for something. Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 Enpass Chrome Extension v6.0.0.1 Chromium 72.0.3626.121
  17. [SOLUTION] There were multiple Enpass Desktop Applications running (not on purpose). Closed all the apps, started a new desktop app, and it worked as expected. Ideally Enpass wouldn't allow multiple running Desktop Apps, and get itself confused.
  18. Upgraded Windows Desktop from 6.0.0 to v6.0.6. Now the extension won't talk to the app. I also checked Browser Authorization options: Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 Enpass Chrome Extension v6.0.0.1 Chromium 72.0.3626.121
  19. How do I open an existing vault? I have a new machine. The vault is on a USB drive. I have installed Enpass. When I open Enpass, it asks to either "Restore from Cloud" or "From this PC\Backup File". Is there an option to just open an existing vault from Enpass v6?? Thanks. Windows 10 Enpass 6.0.4
  20. ERROR MESSAGE (Menu\Settings\Vaults\Primary\Sync Now): Sync Error: Something went wrong while syncing with Cloud. Error code: 204035 ERROR MESSAGE (Menu\Tools\Sync Now): Sync Error: Something went wrong while syncing with Cloud. Error Code: 204005. INFO: Attempting to sync to DropBox. Enpass asked to authorize via browser; received authorization confirmation "Authorization Finished". Enpass attempts to cloud sync with DropBox. Error message received. VERSION: Windows Desktop v6.0.0 (230)
  21. When the browser extension pops-up to save a new login... I would like to assign the category/folder (tagging would be nice too) Currently the browser extension will prompt to save a new login, I save the login, then I go to the desktop app, search for the new login, then assign the category/folder for organization. Thanks.
  22. My logins (especially the auto-created logins) contain fields that are unnecessary. My OCD-ness wants to clean them up.
  23. I want a new multline text field with the option to make it "sensitive".
  24. When capturing and adding a new web login, auto save the URL domain, not the garbage after it.
  25. Remove all unused fields from item/login.
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