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  1. Same here. Still not being able to set up sync wit dropbox on more than one installation (error codes while setting up sync on android).
  2. Thanks for that clarification. However, since Enpass 6 has been released to andorid as well as desktop the following error occurs: On android I can’t connect my enpass app to dropbox. I get to the confirmation screen in my android webbrowser but as soon as I press "accept" I get an error message in Enpass saying that the synchronization has been interrupted by the user.
  3. Thank you very much @Anshu kumar I think you pointed to the right direction: On my laptop I run 5.6.10 and it says that I already use the latest version when I try to update. On my PC I run (with that new design and everything). On my android device I run 5.6.9
  4. Hi @Anshu kumar Thank you very much for that information. However, whether I add a new entry on my mobile device or on my desktop It does not get synced to the other. There are no error messages though, the app has access to the dropbox app folder and I have synced the correct dropbox account with both devices.
  5. Dropbox Sync is not working since beginning of december for android. Reinstalling and forcing sync does not work either. I suspect this is a bug?
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