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  1. Hi, I guess we started to not talk about the same thing. I do not mean that this issue comes up after a reboot of the device, it comes up after unlooking the lockscreen. e.g. when you are 10 min away from desk and return, you need to unlook your screen with password/fingerprint. When done, enpass pops up in the foreground. I can confirm that it seems to be caused by chrome browser plugin.
  2. Hello, its not possible to sync neither to Google Drive nor to iDrive with Enpass 6.0.0 (279) for macOS. I tried multiple times, in both drives no Enpass data are created while the app says "last sync a few minutes ago". Than I tried Dropbox - it works. But I want to sync to Google Drive or iDrive. Please fix that. macOS 10.14.2. I could try to catch some logs when you tell me where they are.
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