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  1. WebDAV is now even more broken than before. The data on my NAS got corrupted. Unbelievable how a good, working software could become such a piece of crap.
  2. Sync via WebDAV on macOS is still broken. Latest version, updated this morning. It's a macOS only problem. Works on iOS, Windows and Linux. It still complains about the TLS certificate not to be trusted by the OS which is wrong because I installed it in the macOS Keychain and Safari uses it and trusts it. What is so complicated about fixing something that worked before? No, you will not get an account on my NAS which is not accessible via the internet for a good reason. Go and buy any QNAP NAS and set up WebDAV and TLS. It is easy to reproduce.
  3. After upgrading to the all new version from the AppStore, my WebDAV sync settings were gone (is it really necessary to drop the settings, please concentrate on functionality instead of fancy new UI so I tried to enter them again as follows: URL: https://mynas.mylocaldomain:8081/home/ with correct username and password. The certificate for my NAS is correctly installed in iOS. The app locks up and does not respond after I hit connect. There is something severely broken in the new version, pleas fix it, I rely on Enpass. And please don't tell me to select the "bypass certificate" switch. This switch should not be there. The certifcate is the only thing that stops Enpass dumping my password database on every server that impersonates my NAS. Regards, Christian
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