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  1. Hi,


    i started to update my first client to enpass 6. the key database was not in sync with the cloud (active sync but long time not started).

    after the reactivating of the sync. enpass sync the updated local db to the cloud. so i lost some entries in the cloud.

    actual sync from other clients will not work.

    can the cloud recovered by other clients after the sync will be reactivated?





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  2. Hello,


    i have the same problem. i updated from enpass5 and its not possible to sync with google drive.

    as second I remove enpass and install new. now i cannot also not sync ... no password on my mobilde device :(

    on linux is was all ok but on android 9 i see this problem.


    Additional Info: if i will connect enpass with google drive. the app will call me "sync with gd would be stopped by user" and than it switched to the browser for auth.

    under linux i have tried some times before it worked but under android it will not work.


    same issue on android 8

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