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  1. I see that Enpass just published an update for Android on the Google Play store. Thanks!
  2. I was checking the Google Play store to see when the last update was available. The last update was on June 24, 2019. Is there an update coming soon? It seems to me that Enpass is due for an update now.
  3. First of all, I wish you luck in having a better experience with Enpass 6 soon. I switched to a dark theme on my Windows 10 and my Android and the dark theme has remained the same for each platform. As for Windows Hello, I have never used Windows Hello because I have never been a biometrics person for the purpose of signing into service on the internet. I always use passwords and I'm comfortable with that. Anyone who uses biometrics for Enpass should store their master password on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place because you never know when you will need the master password again.
  4. I have used autofill for USPS (United States Postal Service) when logging in on my Android Pixel 3 XL using Chrome or Firefox browsers. The login credentials require a Username and Password. When Enpass offers the autofill on my Android phone it fills in the Username with my Email and Password, although I have my Username field first on my Enpass entry. Does this mean that autofill on Android automatically fills in my Email in my Username regardless of the fact that I have the Username field at the top of my Enpass entry of USPS? I have ignored the autofill and changed my virtual keyboard to the Enpass keyboard when logging in so that it fills in my Username and Password on the USPS website and fills them in nicely and orderly.
  5. Thank you very much for the link. It answers my question and I now feel more secure.
  6. I totally agree with your assessment of Enpass 6. I've read about the problems that Enpass 6 users claim to face on these forums and on the Google Play store. However, I don't feel them. The communication with browser extensions such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 10 works much better with version 6 than with previous versions. It is working great on Android.There are those who complain that they had to use the master password again after installing version 6, but they forgot the master password and had saved it to their Enpass. It is unfair to blame Enpass for users forgetting their master password and a master password should not be stored on Enpass since it should be stored on paper. Storing a master password on Enpass is like storing my house keys in my house when I'm outdoors, so I would not be able to open the door to my house.
  7. How safe are the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox extensions for Enpass? I ask because I've read so much lately about security issues regarding browser extensions and how hackers are finding ways to hack into them.
  8. Thank you very much for this guide. It definitely works for me. Cheers!
  9. I've been using Enpass 6 since this day and it feels like a brand new app. It works well for me, but I have suddenly lost the ability to change the order of the fields. How can you change order of the fields on Enpass 6?
  10. My template for Mozilla Firefox is the default one. The name I used to have was Firefox and I noticed that the template was the default one. I changed the name to Mozilla, but the default template remains. How do I change the template to the Mozilla Firefox one? UPDATE: I decided to create a duplicate of Mozilla by choosing the proper Mozilla template. I deleted the Mozilla with the default template and will use the duplicate that I just created, but it now has the Mozilla template.
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